Riptide Reef FlowRider®

Our Riptide Reef Flowrider® is an exciting and adventurous ride. It simulates the current of a wave so that the rider may experience the thrill of body boarding or stand up surfing.
Riding Tips:

  • Must be 42″ to bodyboard
  • Must be 52″ and sign waiver to stand up surf
  • Do not attempt to break your fall, curl into a ball
  • Each rider gets about 1 minute ride time
  • Watch & listen to Crew members give more tips

To view our swim lessons click here: Swim Lessons here

From behind the wave

Ne’er Endin’ River

The Ne’er Endin’ River takes you around Shipwreck Island which gives you views of all of our other attractions. Keep an eye out for exotic birds and pieces from the shipwreck…
Riding Tips:

  • Must be 48″ to ride alone and without a life vest
  • If under 48″ tall, guests must wear a life vest and be with a responsible adult
  • Tubes are free to use with your paid admission
  • Only one rider per tube entry
  • Please enter and exit at the stairs only
Floating down river