Ne’er Endin’ River

The Ne’er Endin’ River takes you around Shipwreck Island which gives you views of all of our other attractions. Keep an eye out for exotic birds and pieces from the shipwreck…
Riding Tips:

  • Riders must be 42″ tall to ride this ride alone. Each rider under 42″ and each weak swimmer must be accompanied by an adult/guardian (2 non-swimmers per adult/guardian) in the water and a life jacket is recomeneded.
  • Water depth is 3 feet; no diving or horseplay is permitted.
  • Enter/exit The Jet Stream at the designated areas only.
  • Riders must only travel in the direction of the current.
  • Riders may swim or walk with  a Cove Waterpark issued tube.
  • Only one person per tube opening.
  • No linking or creating chains with multiple tubes.
  • The Jet Stream lifeguards may deny entry to any persons if the entry may jeopardize the safety of the rider, other guests, or employees.
  • Failure to follow the abovementioned rules can result in serious injury to yourself and others.
  • CAUTION: For safety reasons, pregnant women or persons with heart conditions, high blood pressure, nervous disorders, or back trouble should not ride this ride.
  • There are inherent risks in participation of any amusement ride. Device or attraction. Your participation in this activity is voluntary and as such you are assuming such risks.